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What is ESCO-in-a-box?

Many small businesses (SMEs) want to reduce their energy use and save money but lack the time or resources to unlock the wide range of financial, environmental, and social gains provided by energy efficiency upgrades. 

EPConnect’s ESCO-in-a-box equips organisations that want to offer energy efficiency services to SMEs with the tools to deliver low hassle, financially viable projects for clients who want to implement change.

ESCO-in-a-box provides standardised processes and documentation based on international best practice, access to competitive loans and finance opportunities, and support with setup and marketing.

If you’d like to find out more about licensing ESCO-in-a-box, or if you would like to speak to one of our Partner ESCOs, please contact us.


Why license ESCO-in-a-box?

The SME market represents a £5.8bn energy-savings opportunity in the UK.

Previously this market hasn’t been accessible to many ESCOs due to the small scale of projects, expensive finance, costly measurement and verification and lack of customer interest.

ESCO-in-a-box is specifically designed with the needs of SMEs in mind and offers a low-cost solution for entering this market. 

EPConnect’s ESCO-in-a-box provides all the systems, processes and contract templates needed to deliver energy efficiency projects to SMEs. 

Together with EPConnect’s centrally held financial expertise and its access to capital through its investment partners, the system manages risk for Partner ESCOs and their clients, enabling successful project delivery.

To discuss how ESCO-in-a-box can work for you, please contact us.


The ESCO-in-a-box licence gives access to:

  • a suite of standardised documentation, including fully developed contracts for each stage of the process between relevant parties

  • a toolkit for vetting contractors, appointing them to a framework and managing quality assurance

  • blended financial packages from a range of finance sources providing access to specialist low-interest loans and finance opportunities for Partner ESCO clients

  • digital tools to cut transaction costs, streamline delivery, and provide risk management

  • cohesive branding, marketing and business development packages if required

  • one-on-one support from EPConnect experts

The ESCO-in-a-box system enables new ESCOs to help SMEs:

  • understand the benefits of energy efficiency


  • achieve carbon reduction targets and make a positive environmental contribution


  • evaluate the opportunity to deliver healthy and safe buildings


  • build confidence in contractors and technologies


  • benefit from an assured energy saving, arranged and enforced on their behalf


  • track their carbon reduction performance with measurement and verification technology.

Watch our webinar introducing ESCO-in-a-box here:

'The Climate Emergency: How to make SMEs part of the solution'

Who we work with

The ESCO-in-a-box system is ideally suited for: 

  • local authorities, local enterprise partnerships and community energy groups who want to set up regional ESCOs to serve their business communities.

  • contractors and all organisations that are already delivering energy services to their clients and are interested in supporting SMEs to reduce their energy costs.


Community Energy Groups

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ESCO-in-a-box has been designed to support community energy groups that enjoy strong links with local SMEs and business networks, who want to create a Community Energy Services Company to deliver energy efficiency projects to SMEs, to lower energy use, while saving clients time and money. ESCO-in-a-box provides all the standardised documentation, access to specialist finance and support to help establish a new community ESCO, even helping assess trustworthy contractors.  The standardised documentation and blended finance packages generated by EPConnect, offers a low risk option to local organisations, with savings made by reducing energy bills to help cover upfront costs.



Local or regionally based contractors can now expand their service offering into energy efficiency upgrades with minimal upfront cost to their customers.  The ESCO-in-a-box standardised legal templates and EPConnect’s centrally held financial expertise offering access to specialist loans enables contractors to develop compelling energy efficiency projects for their clients.  The simplicity of the business model makes it straight forward to implement while also providing a secure commercial and legal platform to build client relationships on, and with the support of the EPConnect team on hand to help with business development, it is a low risk model for business use.

Local Authorities


There is an urgent requirement for Local Authorities, many of whom are declaring Climate Emergencies, to increase engagement with local businesses on clean energy.  ESCO-in-a-box enables Local Authorities to overcome financial and legal barriers that can often be the stumbling block to offering their business communities energy efficiency solutions.  The system offers a standardised framework of legal documentation, access to competitive financing, employment for local contractors and installers, and significant carbon reduction benefits for businesses in the community.  EPConnect is happy to work with Local Authorities and Local Enterprise Partnerships to help establish a regional ESCO.


Client case study:

Partner ESCO - Energy Solutions Oxfordshire


Established in 2020, Energy Solutions Oxfordshire is a partnership between the Low Carbon Hub - a local community energy group in Oxford - and Oxford Brookes University, and is EPConnect’s first Partner ESCO.  

Energy Solutions Oxfordshire is using EPConnect’s ESCO-in-a-box to deliver energy efficiency projects for Oxfordshire SMEs using an established network of Approved Contractors, providing a ‘one-stop-shop service that is simple, cost-effective, and as undemanding on a business’s time as possible’.

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